Red Hair Bow & Panama Boy Boots

Saki, a 17-year-old student, is wearing a vintage dress from a resale shop in Koenji (a Tokyo neighborhood). She’s also wearing a leather jacket and fur collar. Her black stockings have small heart designs and her lace-up boots are from Panama Boy.

Saki’s hair is an interesting color – a dark gray. The red scarf that’s she’s tied into a hair bow is from Bunkaya Zakkaten.

We asked Saki about her favorite fashion brands and she told us it’s Vivienne Westwood and Candy. She enjoys the music of Shiina Ringo.
Red Hair Bow & Panama Boy Boots

Hair bow & fur collar

Bunkaya Zakkaten scarf

Woven leather purse

Black stockings & Panama Boy boots

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  1. Wow, her grey hair doesn’t make her wierd but classy ! I must say I never see grey hair looking good.

  2. I really like the unique woven leather bag, and that dress is so divine! I would totally just *live* in a dress like that!

  3. awww i think that dress is sooo cute and I fell in love with the boots <3

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  5. I love this outfit, I would wear it out and about :) I think she would of looked a little cuter with a blond or red wig, but overall fantastic.!

  6. She looks very much like another girl I’ve seen before, her name is Gulico, at some point she had hair like this, but slightly blue.

  7. Looks like a cross bw the modern-day snow white and red riding hood! :)

  8. SHE LOOKS SO CUTE! love the hair color, she is like an anime character. Lovely!

  9. Schezerade

    that dressssss *drools*
    those shoes *drools some more*
    THAT HAIRRR *dies*