Remake Skirt, Cutout Tights & Barrack Room Zippered Top

This fashion-forward girl is Ruka, a 17-year-old student. She’s wearing a blue zippered top from Barrack Room (her favorite fashion source) over a rust-colored satin cami. Her jacket features wide lapels and a mix of fabrics. Her asymmetrical skirt is a remake. She’s also wearing eye-catching cutout tights and rocking horse shoes from Tokyo Bopper.

If you read Japanese, you can follow Ruku’s tweets on Twitter.

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  1. Not very fond of her outfit… but her face… wow! She’s beautiful.

  2. Dreaded Queen

    I like this whole look. The pieces are unexpected. Love the skirt and tights!

  3. The best design yet… the colors just bump off of each other and cause a Kaleidoscope of expression. Just beautiful!