Repurposed Sweater & Art Bag in Harajuku

This cute Japanese girl with purple-tipped hair is Mitsukon, a 20-year-old student. She has a real knack for repurposing clothing, as seen in her pants which are actually a sweater that she bought used. She’s also wearing a resale merci beaucoup shirt that she bought used at OTOE and a white cardigan decorated with what look like red and blue shoe laces. She borrowed her shoes, which are cotton slippers, and she’s carrying a handmade bag with a red ink drawing.

In answer to our questions about preferences, Mitsukon told us she likes used, resale and vintage clothing stores and enjoys the music of Special Others. You can find out more if you read Japanese on her blog.
Repurposed Sweater & Art Bag

Purple-tipped hair

Bag with hand drawn art

Silver chain ring & gold rings

Sweater pants & slippers

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  1. I love her hair! And I probably wouldn’t have ever looked at her trousers and thought that they used to be a jumper, she’s awesome XD

  2. she has a cute face, and i love her bag :) hihi but i would never wear …shoes (?) like that ^^

  3. Her HAIR IS AWEESOME! And she’s very creative. :)

  4. awh o.o I love her hair! And she s super cute x3 <3 <3 <3

  5. The guy standing in the back of the shot looks cool too. :)

  6. @Alex: The guy in the back was on another of Tokyo Fashion´s shots… :D

    I LOVE THE HAIR!! And the pants are amazing! I want a pair of those! How did she make them?! Creative girl!!

  7. Umm she knows that it’s summer now? Right? :DD Unless at Japan it’s a bit chilly but in Europe if you wore smth like that you would be dead from heat. T_T :DD Anyways – nice use of sweater. :)