Resale / Vintage Style from Hayatochiri & Dog

Here are Go-chan and Azu, a friendly Japanese couple that we snapped in Harajuku. Go-chan, the guy on left, is a member of the staff of Hayatochiri (a Koenji resale shop in the Kitakore Building, where many resale and vintage shops are located).

Go-chan’s clothing in this picture includes a long black tunic top decorated with white beads. He’s also wearing black shorts and brightly colored socks and sneakers. He’s carrying a large colorful backpack. His black hat is made from many fabric patches and has a toy soldier attached on the side.

Go-chan’s favorite place to shop is the Kitakore Building. If you read Japanese you can learn more about Kitakore here.

The cute girl in the right is Azu. She’s wearing a dress printed with Kanji characters from the Dog resale shop. Her long black sweatshirt has leather patches and is decorated with silver studs. She has two gold soldier pins from Hayatochiri and a small gold purse from Dog. Her black platform shoes are from Banal Chic Bizarre, which is one of her favorite brands.

Azu likes to shop at Dog and in the Kitakore Building stores.
Japanese couple with styles from Hayatochiri & Dog

Beaded tunic top from Hayatochiri

Brightly colored backpack and black patchwork hat

Bright socks and sneakers with black shorts

Japanese girls with dress from Dog

Gold toy soldier brooches from Hayatochiri

Gold purse from vintage Dog

Platform shoes from Banal Chic Bizarre

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  1. Amazing tunic with the the outfit possibilities. I like the girls shoes also. The gold soldiers are ironic and depressing because war is all about money and control.

  2. I LOVE the DIY dog black hoodie. In the states we are so used to just wearing a plain hoodie, and t-shirt underneath (if that). I love how the Japanese seem to make the most boring peices of clothing so interesting. These are some great DIY ideas. What is that attached to her upper arm? Is that black leather?

    If anyone is interested, check out my blog! I do street fashion ILLUSTRATIONS! :)

  3. Nice stuff they are both wearing.
    The guys jacket is REALLY neat with the spirals on it.
    Good job you two!

  4. Nice stuff they are both wearing.
    The guys jacket is REALLY neat with the spirals on it.
    Good job you two!

    The girl kind of looks like Phobe Cate’s Daughter.

  5. babybucks

    gotta say that the girls is one of the cutest things ive seen in a long time. :o awwwe ~ loving her style. wish people in my country would be as creative as so many japanese are with their styles. ;_;

  6. Love the girls outfit, like the punk bracelt too….been searching for one of those.

  7. Madonna Lily

    I love her purse
    I hate the guy’s bag
    I love the girl’s hair!

  8. love the girls oversized shirt dress! i want one :O