Retro Short Shorts vs. Rock n Roll Lips

Here is another pair of the stylish girls that make Harajuku famous. Both of these girls are in their early 20s and work in the apparel industry. On the left with long auburn hair is Risa, whose outfit includes retro high-waisted stonewashed denim shorts and a dotted shell top, both from Emoda. Her black platform peep-toe shoes are from R&E and her jewelry is from Justin.

The girl on the right is Waki. She’s wearing a t-shirt from Sly with a graphic of the Rolling Stones lips with a black tuxedo-style jacket and a pleated chiffon skirt. Her cool black studded high top sneakers are from WC by Chinatsu Wakatsuki. Like Risa, she’s carrying a purse from Emoda. Her jewelry is from Moussy.

When we asked what type of music this pair likes to listen to, Waki said she likes R&B and electro.
Girls in retro short shorts & t-shirt w/ Rock N Roll lips

Black leather Emoda purse

Tuxedo-style jacket & Rolling Stones t-shirt

WC by Chinatsu Wakatsuki studded sneakers

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  1. Girl on the left reminds me of Lena Katina from t.A.T.u!!! :D with her face~

  2. It sure does annoy me when people wear rock band tshirts and then say they like electro… They’re not meant to be fashion items, they’re supposed to show that you like and support a band, I bet the majority of young girls out there with Rolling Stones tshirts don’t actually know any Rolling Stones songs ¬_¬

  3. 1. I agree with lizzie.

    2. does anyone else think the girl on the right (Waki) looks slightly like alexa chung???

  4. I LOVE Risa’s shorts!!! I need to find a pair….

  5. bananashit

    Yeah love her shorts. Totally want a pair too …

  6. How come the girl on the left isn’t as featured???

  7. Just because she said that her music styles are Electro and R&B doesn’t mean that she is not a fan of Rolling Stones. It is possible to like different (even opposite) music styles.