Riii & Maho in Harajuku w/ Cute Hats, Tulle Skirt, & Platform Shoes [+ Video]

Here are two fun 20-year-old Japanese girls with cute hairstyles who we met in Harajuku. Maho and Riii are both going to be famous personalities/models/idols in the future, but for now Maho is a student and Riii is a furita (part time worker).

Maho, on the left, is wearing a bow-pattern sweater that she purchased resale at Spinns Harajuku, along with a pink/purple tulle skirt that she also picked up resale, white stockings, and Tokyo Bopper platform shoes. Accessories include panda earmuffs (which she told us are her friends), a bowler hat, and a bag from the Japanese brand Theatre Products. Maho told us that her favorite fashion brands include Nadia Harajuku & American Apparel and her favorite band is Sōtaisei Riron. For more information on her, check out Maho’s Blog.

Riii, on the right with the stars neck tattoo, is wearing an outfit made up almost entirely of items she picked up at Tokyo resale shops. Her look includes a knit beret, a red and black heart-print sweater, shorts, pastel randomly-striped thigh-high stockings, cute platform Mary Jane shoes, and a bag from Muji. For more info on and pictures of Riii, check out her personal blog.

Besides being cute and fashionable, both Riii & Maho have very outgoing personalities. We had a lot of fun street snapping them and we short a short video to share a bit of that fun with you. This is not just Riii & Maho’s personality for the camera (although they switched from Japanese to English for the video), they really were this fun when we approached them on the street. Enjoy the video and let us know if you’d like to see more street snap videos in the comments!

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Oh so cute :D love their style and they were really funny too~ XD

  2. SO CUTE!!!

    Definitely look like they they could get those modling jobs and they’re so willing to act silly! XD

    They seem like they’re on the right track! =D

  3. とてもかわい^^ It’s a really good idea to snap street videos! I love this one! ^^

  4. So adorable! Love the sweater/hat/platforms combo.

  5. I would love to see more videos!! Yay, what cute girls :3

  6. woulde be awesome if tokyofashion put videos ~~~<3 :)

  7. ~ More Vids! More Vids! ~ <3I love them, absolutely adorable! :DD

  8. Green contacts. Adorable panda accessory. Cute posses. Overall Kawaii effect!!!!

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  10. They are so cute!
    Where can i buy those platforms?
    i want them so badly! xx :)