RinRin Doll’s Sweet Pink & Brown Makeup Tutorial

Tokyo-based fashion model RinRin Doll is best known around the world for her lolita modeling – especially her longtime work with the Japanese brand Angelic Pretty and her numerous appearances in Kera Magazine. Here in Japan, RinRin’s modeling career goes beyond lolita projects. She can be seen in fashion shows and ad campaigns for a wide variety of Japanese brands.

While working on our dream list of street-friendly models that we wanted to work with, RinRin Doll’s name came up again and again. Her experience in Harajuku subcultures – combined with her mainstream fashion modeling and her history of living both in Japan and abroad – has given her a unique perspective on Japan’s culture of kawaii. Thanks to a friendly introduction by our friend Kaila (aka Rainbowholic), we are very happy to announce that TokyoFashion.com will be producing a series of RinRin Doll videos in 2014!

Our first RinRin Doll video is a “Sweet Pink & Brown Makeup” tutorial. RinRin’s concept was to share one of her makeup looks that works for both casual lolita and any type of sweet street style. In the video, RinRin goes through all of the steps to create the look, then models three different outfits (two sweet styles and one Angelic Pretty casual lolita style) to show us how the makeup looks with different coordinates.

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All of the makeup products used in the tutorial, and all of the fashion worn by RinRin Doll in the video, are listed in the YouTube video description.


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    So happy with this collab <3 Great job guys!!!

  2. I love that she does her own makeup! So many models don’t…