Senon’s Milk Harajuku Top w/ Kewpie, Barbie, Spank, Broken Doll & Hello Kitty Accessories

Here’s Senon, a 20-year-old Japanese beautician we snapped in Harajuku. You might recognize Senon from previous snaps we’ve taken, or from her appearances in FRUiTS Magazine. Her style is unique, and she’s definitely not someone you can miss when she walks by on the street.

Senon is wearing a floral-print top from the Harajuku brand Milk under a red sweater, a retro skirt from the Harajuku resale shop Kinji, polka dot stockings, and pink platform Body Line shoes with bows. Accessories are something that Senon usually wears in abundance. Here, she’s accessorized with items from Broken Doll and Spank! – including a headpiece with a Kewpie Doll, a red lace hair bow, a doll head necklace (actually, it appears to have arms, so maybe this is a “doll half” necklace?), a Barbie logo necklace, a Hello Kitty heart necklace, a large vintage-print button, a flower ring, a Barbie bow ring, and a heart ring (which also appears to have a picture of Barbie). Her backpack is from Nadia Harajuku.

Senon told us that her favorite shops/brands include Broken Doll and Spank! and her favorite band is Rondon Rats. To find out more about Senon, and to see more fun pictures of her, you can check out her personal blog.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Aww adorable!

    Also oh my god her eyes look huge o_o I’m guessing that’s the makeup + contacts but wow, POP!

  2. Her eyes have surpassed the size of cuteness and become scary.

  3. Awsome~!!! *0*/ I LOVE her shoes, her dress , i like all :D