Sentaa Guys w/ Alba Rosa, CoCoLuLu, Glad News & Colorful Hairstyles

Here are three cool Shibuya guys that we ran into on the street in Harajuku. Even though Harajuku is known for it’s funky “kawaii” fashion, there are actually quite a few gyaru-o brands that have shops in the neighborhood as well. Coincidentally, two different photographers snapped these three gyaruo/sentaa guys on the same day. One of our photographers took pictures of them at the Campus Summit 2011 event in Shibuya, and another shot these street snaps in Harajuku. These guys get around!

On the left, with the pink-orange-silver hair, is 17-year-old Taachi. He’s wearing a green tank top with Shanit sweat pants and Converse high top sneakers. His accessories include multiple facial piercings and wristbands from CoCoLuLu. When we asked him about fashion, Taachi said that he likes the Tokyo brand/shop ACDC and one of his favorite bands is The Gazette.

In the middle, sporting blue-white-pink hair with braids, is 16-year-old Youchi. He’s wearing a blue top with CoCoLuLu shorts and Converse high top sneakers. Accessories include a nose piercing, a labret piercing, and three items from Shibuya-favorite fashion brand Alba Rosa – a visor, a bag, and a belt. Youchi told us that his favorite type of music is trance.

On the right, with white hair, is 18-year-old Takuyanyan. He’s wearing a Glad News “Rock” skull t-shirt, Skinny Lip cropped cargo pants, and CoCoLuLu high top sneakers (almost boots). His accessories include a backpack from Glad News, a studded bracelet, and a star necklace. He said that most of his accessories were purchased at Shibuya 109-2. His favorite fashion brand is Glad News. As far as music, he likes The Gazette and various electro bands.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Taachi has a really nice face, but it’s hard to tell with all that distracting color! I shouldn’t judge other people’s personal tastes, but I have a hard time wrapping my head around this kind of fashion…

  2. Shimijimito

    The guy on the left looks like he’s been pulled from a Final Fantasy game (ok, if his hair wasn’t this colourful) :D
    I like the right outfit (the black simple one) though his hair is a bit too fluffy looking :D
    still cool how Japanese dare to pull something weird off and make it look awesome…

  3. i don’ t like the style.
    their skin is old from the … i dont know, whats in english … artificially sun.. solarium, what ever.
    their hair. no. :D

  4. Oh my gosh. Do you think these guys are original Sentaa guys still wearing the same style from when it was popular? Or do you think they’re ALREADY trying to bring it back? (I mean it was fairly common still in ’06 I think.)

  5. Oh my god, I love them! I wish I saw such colorful guys where I live!
    Here my boyfriend gets weird looks just for having long hair. I bet people would have a heart attack if they saw THAT walking down the street! Ha ha, I love it!

  6. InsultKissMe

    That first guy has som AMAZING hair! And I really like Takuyanyan’s outfit.

  7. Takuyanyan’s shoes are to die for! They are all so bold and daring!