Sexpot Revenge, Don Quijote & Monomania

Yamada is an 18-year-old student who’s pulled together a cute black-and-white outfit with a few touches of green and purple. Her t-shirt is from Sexpot Revenge and her swirly graphic parka is from Don Quijote. She borrowed her ruffled lace and chiffon skirt. She’s also wearing striped knee-high socks and cool buckled high top boots.

Yamada has a large fabric bow and some smaller bow clips in her hair. Her accessories include a leather choker, a necklace with small toys and a silver bracelet and ring from Monomania. She’s carrying an oversize leather bag with plenty of zippered pockets. The final touch is nail polish picks up the colors in her outfit.

When we asked Yamada about her favorite fashion brands the answer was Monomania. She also said her music is by T.M. Revolution.
Sexpot Revenge, Don Quijote & Monomania

Toy necklace, bow hair clips & hair bow

Leather bag with studs & zippers

Monomania ring & bracelet

Buckled high top boots

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  1. I love how the ribbons soften up the puck rock look.
    And… …. her nails are exactly the same as mine were last week, nice! ;)

  2. love her bracelet and choker…unfortunately sexpot t-shirt closed by her jacket…Sexpot is 1 of my fave brand…^^

  3. Delicate Napoleon

    What an amazing bag! I want one just like it!

  4. Why are all the girls in HARAJUKU sooooo CHUBBY???

  5. At Startist: It’s not like they have to conform to a skinny ideal; for you to nitpick on her weight and ignore her special fashion sense is just shallow and you have no appreciation for what it means to have true personal style.

  6. Cute punk rock look!! I like the bracelet and ring. I love that handbag.

  7. i love that outfit..its a rocking style …but still cute ^^