Shibuya Girl in Sailor Uniform-inspired Sweater

We ran into this stylish Japanese girl with cool hair and makeup on the street near Shibuya Station. Her sweater, which has a pattern like a sailor uniform, caught our attention right away. It’s a fun play on the nautical theme that comes around every season, and a chic nod to the school uniforms that most Japanese students are required to wear.

Besides the cute uniform-inspired sweater, she’s also wearing denim short shorts, gray polka dot tights, and pink heels. Her bag adds a splash of color to the outfit and matches with both her tights and her heels.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Looks like she’s also wearing those “anime eyes” contact lenses. She’s really managed to pull off the anime eye look without being super-obvious. Love Love Love her style!

  2. Where can i get that shirt? I really want & need it.

  3. kagamichi

    anime eyes contact lense ?? you mean “circle lenses” ? the goal is not to look like anime character ! it is to look CUTE ! not “anime” ==”

  4. absolutely love this, its bee a while since youve found such a gorgeous girl with great style, i really do wish i looked like her with huge eyes lol, love that bag :)

  5. WTF!! Why they are a lot asian trying to have Western eyes ?? where is the exotic and beautiful asian eyes? they must be proud !! and all this comments like: “OMG too cute, wish i was her” wtf?? dude, the most cool thing in this world is be unique. I was looking all this fashion street pictures, and i have to say i loveee japanese creativity for wear, super fucking cool, BUT, of 100% of this girls the 60% are trying to hide they original eyes with contact lenses, and Western eyes surgery ! and some others trying to have ” anime eyes” and that is so SAD! This world is getting freaking crazy with retarded people like some african’s trying to be white, some asian trying to have Western eyes, some other people trying to be anorexic.

    Love yourself, Love your life, enjoy and play with your clothes but dont try to be like others. peace and love!

  6. OH i forgot! about the outfit, really cool, love the shoes, the bag the pantyhose, the dress and her hair , simple, colorful and cute. but i dont like her eyes :P

  7. totally agree with clau, the whole trying to change their eyes with make up and other crap is ridiculous

  8. I have 2 mirror the other responses—“SHE’S SOOOO CUTE!” But whats with the FALSEY, misplaced eyelashes?

  9. @Startist

    It’s supposed to make the eyes look bigger.
    Not into it myself, but it does get the look she wants from a distance. P:

  10. baka-chan

    I agree with clau with this point, I find Japanese girls are really pretty the way they are and it makes the Japanese culture so much better ^^ But you know, it might just be peer pressure :/ and really we all know, it’s so hard to just not want to do ‘something’ to look better! >.<

  11. It has NOTHING to do with trying to look like another race. What is with these comments? IT’S FASHION. She’s adorable!

  12. I love her outfit but I agree with the others about the fake eyes. I like the natural beauty of people.

  13. I’m like wtf @ clau.. come on, i’m half african too.
    ” retarded people like some african’s trying to be white” .. how can u b white? its dumb to say tht u should dress & style urself the way “ur race” should dress & style themselves.. just because im black doesnt mean tht i have to wear for example tight jeans shorts & a polo shirt with white sneakers (africanamerican style) & wear an afro because thts what my race is “supposed to look like”. i do love japanese girls & their eyes too but i also like their sense of style when it comes to making something different with ’em. its STYLE. & everyone should have the right to style themselves like they want to.. cause u know style doesnt belong to a race. style is what u make out of ur imagination & it belongs to no one but urself.

    & btw I LOVE her look!! always tried to find a look with tht kinda uniform.. she’s veeeery inspiring to me! ;)

  14. Alessandra

    Thank U Afua! I agree with you so much!
    This girl is just showing her style and I’m quite sure that her eye-makeup has nothing to do with her trying to be “white”. She just likes to style her eyes that way like when I straighten my naturally curly hair, I like my hair straight!
    This is called someones own style and her styling her eyes isn’t any different than dying your hair. If you don’t like it, that’s your problem ;)
    I reaally love her sailor sweater but they are hard to find :(

  15. I agree. She’s just trying to look good in a style she found. What the hell does it have to do with being white!? What do you mean she’s trying to look “better”? So automatically all white people look better now? Get over yourselves.

  16. aaaawww! loved her makeup and her hair, she’s SOO CUTE! and the outfit… i need that jumper and those tights *_* and her bag is… *_* love japanese fashion <3

  17. Hahaha… no TRIES to be anorexic o.0 that commentor has some major issues. People can be whoever or whatever they wish to be if they are happy and wear whatever the choose, because it makes them comfortable being themselves and striving for what they aim for.

  18. Elle est vraiment trop mignone, Si seulement il pouvait avoir des tenues comme ça en France <3

  19. awww,,,, just wanna say why do so many people think all “big eyed” girls have had surgeries ? I am Japanese and wanna say there that although there may be girls whom have gotten surgeries it is far from the norm. I do not know anyone around me who has had an eye surgery. We are not trying to have western or anime eyes, but rather cute and unique eyes as we see them. Wearing colored contacts and fake lashes are just a part of fashion culture that one can see in any other country too.

  20. she’s really cute , I love her hair :D i want that sweater :)

  21. @clau
    Nobody cares what you say. We all have our own styles, and we’ll rock it how we want to.

    No race has ownership of certain traits. Pardon the non-intended pun, but not everything is black and white. There are variations between races.
    My friend is from Tunisia, her skin is a milky shade but she’s African. : |

    If you’re the type of guy who has yellow fever for stereotypical Asian girls (dark hair and eyes color, eyes of a smaller variety, short etc..) then that’s cool for you bro. Just because you had a hard time fapping at “60%” of the girls doesn’t give you merit to criticize people who are acting outside of their race.

    It’s like telling someone with a large China plate collection of trying to be Chinese. THAT’S HOW RIDICULOUS YOU SOUND. Or someone who’s into rap music or crump trying to be African-American. God, the examples could go on.

    I noticed that the other people who commented are either closed minded, suffer from yellow fever or are a weeaboo. : | Maybe the local Eastern Asians don’t sport this eye make up.. Internationally speaking, this is a common make up style.

  22. how about huge eyes = anime eyes, not western eyes?

    Western girls who use mascara to make their eyes look bigger are just copying JAPANESE anime characters


    It’s a cute girl! :D

  23. Dude. Everyone in America wears mascara. 90% of them proabably dont know what anime is. Everyone has different reasons for wearing stuff. the end.

  24. I hate how people try to put color and race on fashion. It’s a form of self expression.
    I don’t think I’ve seen a westerner with eyes that big and cute.
    Why do people think that everyone does things JUST to COPY someone else? Closed-Minded people make me sick.
    It’s what keeps the world from progressing. . . But I digress.

    She’s soooo cute! I was actually planning on buying that exact same sweater! I’m not sure why I didn’t but I think I’ll get it now. -.o ~

  25. they are not western eyes. she might’ve been inspired by some western styles however she looks so good and there aren’t levels between us. everyone is different which is quite natural I guess.

  26. wow, everyone just live and let live. if she wants bigger eyes and does a few things to achieve them, who cares? shes not affecting ANY of you.

    – sorry, i know all the comments are old, but i’m just sick of everyone tyring to change people because they think their views are better. big eyes, small eyes, everyones beautiful.

    shut up & thank you <3

  27. Lol at everyone o-o…….~

    I’m on the western side but I have huge natural Eyes. Everyone wants them even though I don’t see the excitement about them.

    So because I have naturally huge eyes, and im on the western side of the world, that automatically qualifies me as trying to copy japanese anime Eyes? . _ .

    Please get over You’re self.