Shibuya Girls in Knee High Boots + Phone Charms

These two cute and friendly Japanese girls were photographed in the area between Shibuya Station and Shibuya 109. They are both dressed in white double-breasted coats and knee high boots. They also have cute bags (a silver bag and a furry pink & white one), and the blonde girl has a cute hat. But, the cutest part of all is that they have matching plush phone charms. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to get brand info from these girls, but they were in the area of Shibuya 109, so it’s likely that at least some of their fashion came from shops found there.

White Knee-High Boots

White Double Breasted Coat

Japanese Girl in Cute Hat & Blonde Hair

Shibuya Girl in White Coat

Pink and White Purse With Bow

Cute Matching Phone Charms

Two Cute Japanese Phone Charms

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  1. Both of them are extremely pretty O_O
    and, hehe matching phone charms, cute. :3

  2. So cute ^-^ , i love the brown haired girls boots and the other girls hat – cute and the double-breasted coats adorable. I adore they´r outfits<3

  3. the blonde one is copying kimiko’s style ( a shibuya gal) 1/2 of their stuff is from jesus diamante

  4. I really love that one girl’s hat, it’s incredibly charming. All white outfits can be hard to pull off, but I think they both managed it pretty well, I just don’t think I like the pink, fuzzy purse with such an otherwise clean cut and mature look.

    The llama cell phone charms are very cute. <3

  5. tokyo

    Ah, Dvek, llamas – maybe that’s right! I was going to write “sheep”, but then I wasn’t sure if they were sheep or what kind of animals those phone charms are supposed to be. Cute, no matter what they are!

  6. ふり子

    かわいい!^。^ ぼうしは大好きだ!今渋谷に行きたい~

  7. The dark-haired girl’s coat is from Liz Lisa 2010 lucky bag, I have the same (and love it)

  8. raynorshine

    is it just me? or does the blond one look just like a japanese Mylie Cyrus?

    Cute nonetheless!

  9. I love gal girls. Phone charms were a nice touch.

  10. Yes, totally Miley Cyrus – that’s the first thing I thought.

  11. I love the pink purse i want it! and those white boots!! sooo CUTE <3 now i wanna go shopping

  12. Simple, clean, elegant, just enough things to stand out that makes the outfits unique but not gaudy. Absolutely wonderful. Especially their makeup. It’s not extremely caked on like some girls try to do. But abso-freaking-loutely wonderful outfits.

  13. ikitamura

    Gooaah, the pink ribbon bag is realy realy nice, want it.
    As for their styles, lovin’ it.

  14. The matching phone charms – they look like cats :).

  15. Monica Quentine

    love them so much!!
    simple but very cute :D

  16. Omgoshh ^^ that bag with the bows is the cutest bag EVER

  17. i love the coat of a girl with brown hair… is great!

  18. OMG! Those white boots!!!( ♥ o, ♥ )

    Simple yet very cute!

    I love their jackets and that fuzzy pink purse♥

    Llamas! What cute charms!

  19. i really love their coat + boots. and the charms are a nice touch

  20. I noticed that many Japanese girls are much more concerned on fashion clothing, eye makeup, hair, instead of maintaining their teeth. What do you think?

  21. The brown-haired girl looks really good! her coat fits her very well and the colour is pretty too, cream~ Her boots match well too! And those phone straps are adorable to the max! ( ^ o ^ )

    I agree on the teeth thing, non sibi. But i read somewhere that they find buck teeth cute??

  22. One Hell of a Butler

    The blond girl is missing a button!

  23. Oh wow, she does look like Miley. :)) They’re so cute! I want her white boots! Totally CUTE! And their phone charms are to die for! Too cute!

  24. cute, and classy, i like it, it doesnt look like a fabric store threw up, like some others

  25. Schezerade

    the blonde reminds me of kumickey~
    nice nice!
    classic gyaru a la popteen!

  26. I love the hat and the big curls and how everything has a cute look to it