Shibuya Gyaru w/ Long Denim Skirt, Open Toe Boots & Leather Jacket

Here’s a stylish and smiley Japanese gyaru who we met near Shibuya 109 in Tokyo.

She’s wearing a black leather jacket over a floral print shirt tied over a white graphic top, a long front-slit denim skirt, and black open-toe boots. Her accessories include a distressed straw hat, a silver bar necklace, a vintage-style heart necklace, a leather belt with a large star buckle, several rings, and nail art featuring a large jeweled crown.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. I love this, so fun and free! I wish there were more pictures of her; bag, boots, and belt. Great! :)

  2. is she wearing make up all over or she is tanned? i like gyaru style.

  3. Sooo cute! Her face is so elfish and cheeky! I also adore her nails, I love seeing OTT Gyaru nails, I always wonder how they manage with them! And her nails are comig away at the bed so she’s had them for a while without breaking them! :D

  4. Dreaded Queen

    Cute gyura cowgirl. Love her hat and long jean skirt. Takes me back to high school….

  5. Awww, I know her!
    She’s a d.i.a. shopstaff at the 109! :’>
    And she’s always so cute and friendly! ^__^

  6. Her name is Kobayashi, and she works at d.i.a in shibuya 109 ^__^