SHINee World 2012 Tour in Tokyo – Fan Fashion Snaps

The Tokyo metropolitan area is home to over thirty million people, making it an extremely popular concert stop for bands touring Asia. We enjoy visiting various concerts around Tokyo to document the fashion of fans in attendance. Over the years, we’ve snapped fans of J-Pop, rock, dance music, visual kei, punk and other genres – with our best-known concert snaps being those of Japanese Lady Gaga fans.

For the last few years, K-Pop has experienced a major boom in Japan. So when Korean boy band SHINee announced they would be playing six shows in Tokyo as part of their “SHINee World 2012” tour, we grabbed our cameras and headed out. Luckily for us, the show on June 2nd was held at the Yoyogi National Stadium, very near to our headquarters in Harajuku!

Kimono Girls at Shinee World 2012 Tokyo

The SHINee World 2012 tour includes a total of twenty concerts in Japan, all in support of their new single/EP “Sherlock”.

The SHINee fans we met before the Harajuku concert were all very friendly. Many of the fans were wearing SHINee-inspired fashion and/or concert t-shirts. We also saw quite a bit of Harajuku fashion, including items that we recognized from Spinns Harajuku and Nadia Harajuku. As is usual with our snaps at concerts, we didn’t have time to ask everyone what brands they were wearing. There were many thousands of SHINee fans, so we picked out people who we thought looked fashionable, unique and/or fun!

As an added bonus, the three stylish Korean guys in the first photograph below were from a Korean-themed “handsome guys cafe” called “Triple-K” located in the Shin-Okubo area of Tokyo. They were outside of the SHINee concert distributing flyers and posing with K-Pop fans.

Enjoy the SHINee fan fashion snaps! Remember that you can click on any of the pictures to see them in high resolution.

Click any of the SHINee fan snaps to enlarge them.

A big thank-you to all of the SHINee fans who were nice enough to pose for our pictures.

We hope you enjoy these ongoing concert fashion snaps. If there are any bands whose fans you’d like us to considering snapping the future, please let us know in the comments!

The official SHINee Japan website is here.

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  1. Hahahaha I saw you guys taking these yesterday, and we thought you guys were just random tourists! XD sorry about that :) great photos!

  2. wow this was an awsome post, so interesting seeing the japanese shawols style, the japanese fans fashion always stands out even in concerts.

    thank you

  3. Strawberry

    I really don’t like Shinee and I find it quite sad that j-pop doesn’t seem to get a lot of attention to JAPANESE people.. but anyway, that cat-themed bag is adorable! And the galaxy-themed skirt + comic book skirt is so cute I swear

  4. Biljana Strbac

    you are so lucky to have them performing concert for you…Europe is mega millenium behind you…I could simply cry because of it…or I should move to Korea, Japan…ghmmm….

  5. SHINeeUKShawol

    you go Japanese Shawols!!!
    they look so awesome!!
    some even have the same clothes!! so cute!!

  6. omg that’s sooo cute! i love all their outfits!!! and i love how big k-pop is in japan! it’s my 2 favorite things together, japanese fashion and k-pop!!!!

  7. I like K-pop,exspeically Girls’ Generation!!!!!!!! And I like SM Town, Super Junior,f(x),TOHOSHIKI !!!!!!!

  8. japan fashion freak

    in one of the pictures it looks like senri the japanese girl drummer

  9. Polo trần

    Minho, Teamin, Jonghuyn, Onew and Key. We love you :D

  10. I love the group of girls dressed in Shinee’s love like oxygen outfits. It’s so cute. Same with the girl dressed as ring ding dong era Jonghyun >w<