Shinjuku Girls’ Hair Bow & Cult Party Skirt vs. Odango Buns & Resale Robe

We saw these two cute girls in Shinjuku and recognized the girl on the right with her hair styled in twin odango buns as 21-year-old Wakana, who we photographed almost a year ago in Harajuku. Here she’s wearing a long peach-colored robe from a resale shop and a handmade pastel fringed scarf.

Wakana’s accessories include a large Happy New Year button, two Precious hair clips and two unique knotted cord bracelets. Her baby blue leather moccasins are from Tokyo Bopper and her quilted purse is from Keisuke Kanda.

The girl on the left with long auburn hair and a large black bow is 21-year-old Kato. She works in the apparel industry. Kato’s outfit includes a vintage-style white blouse from Tarock with Ricco and a flirty short tiered skirt from Cult Party that she bought at a used clothing store. She’s also wearing striped stockings, floral ankle socks and espadrille sandals, also from Tarock with Ricco. Her stylish shoulder bag is from Vivienne Westwood.

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  1. The girl on the LEFT looks FUNNY…in a HOT sexy kind-a way

  2. it looks amazing ,
    the colors are just perfect
    and the hairstyle is so cute-looking