Shinjuku Girl’s Nautical Jacket, Beret with Pom Pom & Two-Tone Tights

This is Satoko, an 18-year-old student. When we ran into Satoko in Shinjuku all we could think was “cute!” She didn’t share any brand names or fashion sources with us, but her nautical-inspired outfit includes a blouse with a wide white collar and red bow, a blue military jacket, a blue-and-white striped skirt, two-tone tights and black platform sandals.

Satoko’s accessories include a black beret with a yarn pom pom, cool round sunglasses, geometric earrings, a chunky chain bracelet with a large heart pendant and a plastic bangle bracelet. Her vintage leather satchel was borrowed from her father. Two tone red-and-black nail polish is the final touch to her stylish outfit.

When we asked her about her favorite music genre her answer was “drum and bass.”

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  1. Dreaded Queen

    She’s so sassy and cute! I would have also likes to see a pic of the guy in the background to the left. Hey Tokyo I can’t see the pics for the two latest ones preview on my iPhone 4 OS 5. I can see all the detail pics though ;)

  2. Dreaded Queen

    U move so fast Tokyo. The pics r all showing now .