Shironuri Minori w/ Blue Hair, Lace, Stripes, & Oversized Tassel in Harajuku

Minori is a well-known Japanese shironuri artist who we often see around Harajuku. You can see more beautiful pictures of her in our “Her Memories of a Dream” pictorial and on her personal website or Facebook.

We met Minori again in Harajuku, and she was wearing a mostly handmade outfit that features a blue maxi dress, blue hair and a blue headpiece. She layered with a striped coat and a piece of cloth tied with an oversized tassel. We also noticed her lace-tied faux fur collar, her oversized flower brooch, vintage black bag, lolita shoes and, of course, her exquisite shironuri make-up.

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  1. あくま悪魔

    She should design characters for a fairy tale^^

  2. that’s very cool, she’s like just appear from comic

  3. Cookie-chan

    Her look is always so beatiful and one of kind. . Love it!!

  4. Partially burn up her wig and “flower“ made of ribbons changed everything in the details and gave her a mysterious touch (as if her blue face wasn’t enough). It is great!
    I think wearring it’s own creations is even more original and limitless than wearring very cool stuff from a brand that anybody else could buy!

  5. Hamlet Adonis

    I’m obsess with this look. I would like to see this trend come to Los Angeles California