Shironuri Minori w/ Long Red Hair, Corset & Platform Boots in Harajuku

Minori is a friendly Japanese shironuri artist who we see often around the streets of Harajuku. She was out shopping with a friend when we spotted her this time. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to check out our Minori interview video on YouTube!

In addition to her shironuri makeup, Minori’s look includes a long red wig, floral top, corset, faux leather pants, and patent leather platform boots. She is also carrying a leather purse. As always, most of Minori’s items are either vintage or “remake” (in japan, that mean she bought them and modified/customized them).

Find Minori on Twitter, Facebook, or visit her official website for more info.

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  1. I’m so IN LOVE of her ;–; honestly she’s so beautifull and a great artist, I send her all my love from Mexico :D

  2. One word: wow! That red hair looks amazing. Very cool outfit, a bit different that what she usually does :)

  3. Minori will always be one of my favorites <3

  4. OMG. Minori is like~ *SPAZZ* Everytime we see her, she looks better and better! I’m soo hooked! <3

  5. ok this has to be one of my absolute favourite things in the world

  6. Pretty unusual look for Minori. You don’t see her wearing pants that often! :P

    I’d love to have that blouse, BTW <3