Short Blonde Hairstyle w/ Oversized Blue Dress, Muji Backpack & Ballet Flats in Harajuku

This is Yuka, a hair & makeup artist who works with the poppy punky Japanese band HENNYO. When we met her in Harajuku (she was walking with HENNYO at the time), Yuka told us that she’s active on Twitter.

Yuka is wearing an oversized blue dress, which was picked up resale. She paired it with a white backpack from Muji, her favorite shop. She is also wearing a lizard necklace, silver earrings, white eye make-up and colored contacts, as well as white ballet flats.

Yuka told us that her favorite music is created by her friends, the Hennyo Girls. She also likes Ushirono Necozawa.

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  1. Nice idea of yours! The sad thing is wearing socks to ballerina flats. That’s weird.