Short Hairstyles in Harajuku w/ Joyrich x Maripol, Giza, YRU & KYE

Here are Beniwo and Rio, two friendly girls we met in Harajuku. Both of them are 21 with short hairstyles.

Beniwo is the one with lilac hair, and she’s a student. She is wearing a Joyrich x Maripol sweatshirt with Uniqlo jeans and a black coat. She has a black studded backpack, striped Reebok sneakers and accessories from Giza and from Korea: an eye shaped earring and hand shaped ring. Beniwo told us that she likes to shop from Joyrich and UNIF, and that she listens to Kpop. Follow her on Instagram for regular updates.

Rio is a company employee. She’s wearing a bomber jacket with faux fur sleeves from Bubbles Harajuku over a KYE top and skinny jeans. Her clutch is also from KYE, which is her favorite shop. Her platforms are YRU, and she’s wearing accessories from Giza: a dinosaur necklace and skeletons cap. Rio also likes Kpop music, and she’s active on Instagram.

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