Shoshipoyo w/ Graphic Bomber, Buccal Cone Kanji Print & Nikki Lipstick in Harajuku

Followers of Harajuku street fashion will recognize Shoshipoyo. He’s an 18-year-old fashion business student who has become one of the most recognizable new Harajuku street snap personalities of 2014. On this night, his hair was short and blue (but it changes weekly).

Shoshi is wearing a Buccal Cone kanji print sheer top over a Nikki Lipstick “METAL” top, a Dog Harajuku graphic bomber jacket, Buccal Cone kanji print sheer pants over Mam Avantgarde graphic tights, and tall Buffalo platform boots. Accessories include several piercings, a bucket hat from his friend Feifei, pompom earrings from Bubbles Harajuku, a Pin Nap choker, suspenders from DAMAGE, a Dog Harajuku handbag, and a Neoprene waist bag from DAMAGE.

Shoshi’s favorite fashion brand right now is DAMAGE and he likes the music of Brooke Candy. For more info, follow him on Instagram or Twitter.

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