Sisters in Harajuku w/ Twintails, Tie-dye, Tiger Head & Donald Duck

Mizuho and Yurika are two friendly Japanese sisters who we often see together on the streets of Harajuku. Their styles are colorful and fun, and they often incorporate cute toys into their looks.

Mizuho – on the left with the cute double braids hairstyle – is wearing a bright tie-dye shirt from WEGO with blue WEGO cutoff shorts and neon pink zebra print Kokopelli creepers. Accessories – some of which came from 6%DokiDoki, The Disney Store & San-biki no Koneko – include a head scarf, butterfly hair clips, a rainbow tattoo necklace, a pink camera around her neck, a lion ring, a Mickey Mouse ring, smiley face arm bands, and a large tiger head backpack. Her favorite shops include Disney Stores, Nadia Harajuku, and Candy Stripper. She also enjoys the music of Amoyamo and Michael Jackson. For more info, check out Mizuho’s blog!

Yurika – on the right with fun twintails – is wearing a space-meets-Renaissance print top from Sevens with purple Jouetie cutoffs, striped socks, and white creepers. Accessories include a headscarf, a charm necklace, a purple Nadia Harajuku ring, a digital watch, a bracelet (which she got as a gift), and a cute Donald Duck tote bag from The Disney Store. Yurika’s favorite shops include Nadia, Candy Stripper, Disney, and Milk. She likes the music of Amoyamo, Kaela Kimura, and Hikaru Utada. Check out her blog for more info.

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  1. I really love these sisters!!! <3 <3 <3
    :D They are both so beautiful, and always look so fresh and natural *-*

  2. They both rock their looks but I’m drawn more into Yurika. Must me her sneer oh that face close up picture. :P

  3. Uhh, I don’t know about others, but they look very Japanese to me (^~^;)
    Other than that, they are both beautiful! I love their style, especially Mizuho’s make up is gorgeous :)

  4. Beautiful skin…perfect! Like a beautiful porcelain doll! The Japanese are such beautiful people~~

  5. That tiger bag is awesome, and is that a camera on Yurika’s necklace? Very cool!

  6. Beautiful, but I am slightly offended by how this photographer is exploiting a charity T-shirt as “fashion”.

  7. I love these two. I sure hope that isn’t a real tiger head though.. :S (jk)

    and @K – don’t get offended so easily