Cute Twin Tails, Unicorn, Neon, Clear Backpack & 6%DOKIDOKI in Harajuku

Mizuho and Yurika are sisters, and you might recall that we snapped them before in Harajuku. This time, they were both wearing colorful outfits and twin tails.

Mizuho is the one to the left, and she’s 20. She is wearing an oversized hoodie from Kokopelli, with an eyeball design. She paired it with pink tights and a clear plastic Nadia backpack (with a 6%DOKIDOKI tote bag inside). Mizuho is also wearing a Candy Stripper headband, a dinosaur necklace, and Chupa Chups fingerless gloves. Her heart-shaped ring is from 6%DOKIDOKI and she’s carrying a doll from Toy Story. She finished the look with green socks and pink sole zebra print creepers. Mizuho told us Nadia, 6%DOKIDOKI and Candy Stripper are her favorite stores, and that she’s a fan of Amoyamo and Michael Jackson. You can follow her blog for other information.

Yurika is 22 and wearing a unicorn long-sleeve and a colorful tutu. Her choker is from Claire’s and her backpack from Burning The Register. She’s wearing striped over-the-knee socks with Nice Claup sneakers, and she carries a plushie penguin. When we asked her about her favorite places to shop, she said she likes Candy Stripper, Milk, and f.i.n.t. Like her sister, she’s a fan on Amoyamo, but she also likes Kaela Kimura. Read Yurika’s blog for more information.

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  1. PEN PEN AND CHUPA CHUPS!! Those totally caught my eye :D!!! Both girls are seriously cute though >w<

  2. They are both naturally beautiful, it’s refreshing to see two lovely ladies with what looks like minimal makeup looking so sweet! >.< I love these two girls! Their fashion is also a nice balance…not too over the top but enough to draw your eye.

  3. It’s easy to tell that they are sisters. ^^ I really love Yurika’s style, it’s kinda cute but catch the eye anyway ^^

  4. American Idiot

    beautiful girls!! love those shoes!!!! beyond gorgeous!! anyone know where to get them in America?? i wish that Japan had a bigger influence on American fashion… I love the culture and the atmosphere. you can tell that the designers really love what they’re doing, they aren’t just doing it for money or fame, unlike just about everybody in America. Lots of respect, y’all! <3

  5. bio hazzard

    oh my god! is that pen pen from evangelion. i want that pen pen plushie sooo bad!^^