Spank! Suspender Skirt, Candy Stripper Sandals & Katie Ribbon in Harajuku

When we met this student on the famous Cat Street in Harajuku, she told us that her nickname is Chan Chaka Chan – just like the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu song title!

Chan Chaka Chan is wearing a lavender hat over her twintails hairstyle, a ruffle top from Milk Harajuku, a carousal print suspender skirt from the kawaii Koenji brand SPANK!, and Candy Stripper striped platform sandals. Accessories – some of which came from Spiral Harajuku – include a “Moods of cheesecake queen” ribbon from Katie, an eyeball ring and a spider ring, heart tattoo tights with rainbows, and a crocodile backpack.

In addition to detailing her outfit, she told us that her favorite fashion brand is Candy Stripper and that she likes the Harajuku vintage shop G2? (pronounced “Gee Two Question”).

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