Stay Real Harajuku – Taiwanese Streetwear Brand Opens First Shop in Japan

The popular Taiwanese streetwear brand Stay Real opened their first shop in Japan last week. The new Stay Real Harajuku shop is located in the heart of Tokyo’s most famous fashion neighborhood, only minutes from other well-known streetwear stores including Neighborhood, Supreme, Undefeated, and Swagger.

Though Stay Real has just opened their first store in Japan, the brand has a history of collaborations with Japanese designers (including Jun Watanabe, the creative director of Zozo Town) and Japanese characters (including projects involving Hello Kitty and Doraemon).

The new Stay Real Harajuku store is two stories high, with t-shirts and a small selection of vinyl figures taking up most of the first floor. Even more t-shirts, as well as bags, accessories, and other items occupy the upstairs. The brand put serious effort into the look of their first Japanese store (both inside and outside), so we stopped by and took a few pictures to share with you.

For more information on the brand, the address of the Stay Real Harajuku shop, and a map, scroll down below the pics.

Update: We heard from StayReal on Twitter that they will have an Official Grand Opening of the Tokyo Stay Real store in July. The shop is open now, but it’s considered a pre-opening. Check back in July for even more details!

Stay Real Harajuku
Stay Real Harajuku
Stay Real Harajuku
Stay Real Harajuku
Stay Real Harajuku
Stay Real Harajuku
Stay Real Harajuku
Stay Real Harajuku
Stay Real Harajuku
Stay Real Harajuku

About Stay Real
Found by Ashin from the Taiwanese rock band Mayday and his friend Not2good, Stay Real designs clothing, vinyl figures, and other items with a punk and streetwear aesthetic. After the brand was launched in 2007, Stay Real quickly found a following in Taiwan, then began expanding to other areas of Asia including Hong Kong, mainland China, and now Japan. In the future the brand is considering expanding into other markets including Korea, Australia, and America.

Stay Real Harajuku Info

  • What: Stay Real from Taiwan’s first shop in Japan
  • Where: Harajuku, near KDDI Designing Studio on Meiji Dori
  • Address: 3-21-20 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
  • Hours: 12pm – 9pm
  • Phone: 03-6804-6605
  • Map: Stay Real Harajuku Map
  • Website: Official Website (Chinese language)


Stay Real Harajuku photos by Tokyo Fashion, all others courtesy of Stay Real.

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  1. the store looks nice! but i think you should have stopped the guy (or girl) that had the purple hair because the look was super cool!! XD

  2. This like a really cool store i cant till i go japan so i can shop there

  3. cooooool~ wish people there will like STAYREAL ^^
    and i think the passer-by is a girl, really cool~

  4. I’ve been waiting for this for aaaaages! Had to get a friend to buy me stuff in Taiwan last time. This’ll be much more convenient (if perhaps a wee bit more expensive.)

  5. OMFG~!!! its amazing~!!!!!i love it~!! the shop looks so cute and nice~!!! i must go there for shopping~DONT!!!!DONT STOP ME~~!! lol

  6. so happy to know ashin and no2good’s dream come true in Japan.
    have been worn stayreal clothes for almost 4 years, it does not only represent a clothes but the spirit ROCK YOUR LIFE!!!
    no matter where the shops are, be here in HK, i will still support ASHIN and NO2GOOD !!!waiting for other shops in other countriessssssssss!!!