Street Snaps at “Harajuku Kawaii” Winter 2011

The “Harajuku Kawaii” fashion and music event exploded in popularity in 2011 along with its best known participant, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. The event is held several times a year, the previous edition being Harajuku Kawaii Fall 2011! The Winter edition of Harajuku Kawaii took place this week at Studio Coast in the Shin-Kiba area of Tokyo. We’re working on a massive report on the Winter event – complete with pictures of the fashion shows (Spinns, Galaxxxy, Namaiki, Ciaopanic, etc.) and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s live performance. To get you started while we’re working on our main features, we wanted to share street snaps of the Harajuku Kawaii attendees!

Harajuku Kawaii at Studio Coast in Tokyo

We shot our Harajuku Kawaii street snaps outside of the venue as people were making their way to the event. Our goal was to show you the variety of fashion attendees were wearing, not just the most extreme outfits. We were lucky to run into a Harajuku fashion icon – Sebastian from 6%DOKIDOKI – and he was nice enough to stop and pose for photos, too! You might also recognize some familiar faces from our Harajuku streets snaps. Because people were in a hurry to get to Harajuku Kawaii, we didn’t have time to take down brand info for these snaps. That said, you can easily recognize items from popular Harajuku brands such as Spinns, Nadia, and 6%DOKIDOKI.

Enjoy the Harajuku Kawaii street snaps (you can click any of the pictures to blow them up) and check back soon for our massive full report on the event!

Click on any of the Harajuku Kawaii street snaps enlarge them.

Full fashion show and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu live performance coverage coming soon – check back!

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  1. LOL where you see kyary you’ll also find sebastian-san

  2. I was scrolling down “nice t shirt, I like her hair” then I saw Sebastian-san ζ(◕ε◕)ζ

  3. Dreaded Queen

    Japanese women love their skirts and tights. It’s refreshing!

  4. 20$ the tall girl in the 5th n 6th picz is a vampire. Shes pretty :) those hats r flying back to style!

  5. OMG THE MAD HATTER!!! :XXx Priceless :X Anyway, they are all so cute.. I loved those anoraks from the first and second pictures =]]]