Striped Tunic and Drop Crotch Pants in Harajuku

This striking 19-year-old Japanese guy named Makku was photographed in Harajuku. His black drop crotch pants (sarueru) combine well with a black and white striped tunic top that has a hood and front slash pockets. He’s also wearing a black V-neck T-shirt and black blazer. His black boots and black leather bag complete the look. Accessories include round dangling black and white earrings that look great with his cool red hair.

Black drop crotch pants

Tunic top and black blazer

Black leather bag in Harajuku

Red hair, earrings and hood

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  1. I like the whole outfit except those pants. That just kinda kills it for me.

  2. Haha, me too!
    But he also reminds me of that cool guy you photographed before, the one with the long bangs and black scarf that had his whole face covered.
    Anyway he looks good!

  3. wow O_O he’s beautiful! he really can pull it off together. very nice.

  4. This is probably the most appealing outfit I have seen from Tokyo Fashion!

  5. I love this picture he pulls it off so well I love it and his hair color is super nice he’s so hot

  6. Absolutely love it! I’d change style of the boots though… but these earrings, pants (I’m in love with these!), hair color, etc. – amazing outfit.

  7. hes really hot…oh, and the outfit is cool too….hooootttttaaaaahhhh…..

  8. LOVE the bag/backpack…just not a fan of drop crotch pants…

  9. i like everything! i love the pants and his hair is great :Db

  10. LOL he looks like G-Dragon I mean his face and his style. he is cute anyway haha

  11. Wow, he looks completely gorgeous! Plus, I really have to agree with the others, for a second I thought GDragon had gone for a visit to Tokyo :P I’m completely in love with his entire look though, he really has a good style going for him with his blazer and the interesting (not to mention cool) bag! :D Maybe the drop-crotch pants weren’t the most brilliant idea (only because I’m not the hugest fan of them), but he actually manages to pull it off quite well.
    *Note: He is pretty cute too! :P

  12. he looks like yu ha min with the blond hair!! so hot

  13. Monica Quentine


  14. maede chihiro

    he is my desktop background.
    any man who can pull of a crotch drop is my love

  15. I touught he is a gril..
    but, you’r really beautiful..and cool!

  16. sorry, actually i wanna say this
    “I tought he is a girl.
    but, he’s really beautiful..and cool!

  17. That drop crotch pants is called harem pants…
    but he’s so cute!! he looks like an anime character!!

  18. I don’t see any evidence that the photographed subject is male.

  19. This is Belphegor from Katekyo Hitman Reborn! LOL