Here are a group of friends we spotted in Harajuku, all wearing t-shirts/sweatshirts from the newly launched Japanese streetwear brand Style Icon Tokyo. If you haven’t seen our Style Icon Tokyo brand profile yet, please check it out! The Tokyo street fashion community is tight knit, so when an indie brand launches, friends/associates of the designers are likely to rally around them and support their project. We’ve seen quite a lot of Harajuku kids wearing Style Icon Tokyo around the streets lately, a testament to how many people like/respect the brand’s designers Hide and Terry.

Other than Style Icon Tokyo, this group’s looks include spiked shoes, gold jewelry, an MCM backpack, leather pants, a cap, etc.

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  1. The girl’s outfit, I think, is the simplest outfit I’ve seen on a Japanese girl from Japan! Lol.

  2. Matryopandashka

    Is that Styleicon shirt popular? I keep on seeing it on Tokyo Fashion.

  3. want everything!!! let me through the camera and take their clothes!!