Suguru and Micho are a stylish duo we met in Harajuku, both of them wearing black and white, with red accents.

Suguru told us that he’s 27 and he’s employed at a company. He is wearing a Paul Smith suit with a striped shirt, black vest and hat, and a pair of brogues he bought from Ships. He accessorized with a heart print tie, heart pin and matching cuffs. We found out that he usually shops at Mishka, and that his favorite music is hip-hop.

Micho, on the other hand, is 26 and she’s a beautician. She is wearing high waisted pants with golden details, a white ruffled shirt and a black blazer. Her hairstyle is amazing, and she matched her ruby earrings with a pair of Esperanza heels.

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  1. OhmyGod… Her hair… His suit… Her pant… His shoes… Her pose… His tie…

  2. Agreed! Her hair is fabulous! Both of their looks are gorgeous xo

  3. ciel noir

    They are both perfectly styled. Really like her hair and the gold embellishments on her pants .

  4. I would were her outfit love the shoes ^_^(⌒▽⌒)

  5. Omg, her pants.<33
    Does anyone know where you can buy them? Maybe online since I live in Sweden.