Stylish Japanese Girl With Red Hair in Shibuya

This stylish Japanese girl with cool makeup and red hair posed for our photo on Fire Dori in Shibuya. Her outfit has a definite vintage feel to it. She is wearing a belted dress with an all-over flower pattern, a sheer shrug, dark red stockings, and patchwork slippers. She is also wearing a fur collar (not sure if it’s real or faux) with the head attached, a large heart necklace, and she’s carrying a large leather purse.

Update: We now believe that this girl is shop staff at Grimoire in Shibuya. Lactose Intoler-Art recently posted a photo on Flickr that looks like the same girl.

Beautiful Japanese Girl in Shibuya

Cool Red Hair in Shibuya

Shibuya Girl With Large Purse

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  1. Densha Otoko

    Is she a girl or an old look’in women .

    Okay , She is beautiful but I can’t see her youthful face . it looks like she has wrinkles and she is a bit too thin

  2. where do you see wrinkles?? sick….
    Gorgeous girl!

  3. Yes that’s Hitomi – and she isn’t just a shop girl, she’s the owner and merchandiser of both Grimoire stores.