Stylish Quartet in Lowry’s Farm, H&M, Haight & Ashbury w/ Fur Accessories

We photographed this stylish quartet of 20-year-old college students in Harajuku. On the far right is Risa. She’s wearing a hooded camel coat from Ray Cassin with a striped dress from Lowry’s Farm along with black tights and tan platform sandals from Heather. Her cross body bag is from H&M.

Taishi, the guy next to Risa, is wearing several items from Tokyo’s Haight & Ashbury resale shop (his favorite fashion source), including a denim coat, a cotton shirt, skinny jeans and a fringed paisley scarf. His accessories include a large white tassel around his neck, a fleece hat, a silver and wooden necklace, an ear stud and a couple of earrings.

The girl with blonde hair is Mayuco. She’s wearing a Tokyo Incidents Live Tour t-shirt, a white cable sweater, windowpane stockings and fur-covered shoes. Her accessories include a pink crochet scarf and white knit hat.

On the left is Arisa. She’s wearing a short camel jacket with a fur collar, a matching fur hat, pleated shorts, black tights and fur-lined laceup boots. Her accessories include a couple of small stuffed toys attached to her jacket.

When we asked the group about their favorite music, Risa said she likes Perfume and Taishi mentioned American Football

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  1. I think the outfit of the girl on the right is the best one!

  2. The fur hat girl’s got some nice, solid, straight legs. Very nice.

  3. THOSE SHOES. Omg, I’d be so scared to wear them! They’d get dirty T__T