Stylish Yurika’s Glasses, Beret & Long Chelsea Romper

This stylish girl with glasses, braided hair and a beret is Yurika, a 20-year-old student. She’s wearing a long romper from Chelsea over a print shirt. Accessories from used/resale shops include star earrings, a velvet ribbon tied to her braid and a scarf attached to her tan leather purse, which is from Dholic. Her wooden platform sandals are also from Dholic.

Yurika told us that her favorite fashion brands/shops are Chelsea, Goocy and Jouetie. You can see more cute pictures of Yurika on her blog.

Beret & Long Romper from Chelsea

Braid w/ velvet ribbon, glasses & print blouse

Resale star earrings

Leather purse from Dholic

Wooden platform sandals from Dholic

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  1. Another perfect girl… this outfit just works on every level.

  2. I love the hair, dress (without the sleeved shirt underneath though) and the bag, but that’s it actually o.O
    and the glasses, come on, how many people have glasses like that right now? =.=