Suiya from DecoLa Hopping w/ Fairy Kei Fashion in Harajuku

Here is a friendly face who some of you will recognize – it’s Suiya from the Japanese visual kei/oshare kei band DecoLa Hopping. We spotted her walking along the street near LaForet Harajuku.

Suiya is wearing a fairy kei-friendly outfit that features a fuzzy pink jacket over a polka dot top with a rainbow pannier skirt, Disney “Alice in Wonderland” tights, and pink knit boots. Accessories include a heart earring, a cute umbrella (rainy day in Tokyo), and a colorful bag decorated with Disney charms and a pin that says “Angelers Save Japan – Takuya Angel”. Her pastel hair also adds to the kawaii-ness of the look.

If you’d like to know more about Suiya and her band DecoLa Hopping, check out their official website. You better hurry, though, because DecoLa Hopping just announced that they’ll be disbanding in April of 2013.

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  1. Kiharupin

    Oh god! my Decopin Princess <333
    I listen to DecoLa Hopping since 2009 ;-; Since these times that Suiya is adorable and beautiful in her style, and I really love them and for ever !

  2. Super Kawaii!!!!! I can’t help but smile when I see this!!!!!

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