This 22-year-old guy – whose outfit includes several popular Japanese streetwear brands – was photographed in Harajuku. He’s wearing a bowler hat, a denim jacket over a hoodie and t-shirt, a scarf made of colorful strings/laces, Phenomenon pants, Nike Air Zoom Sharkley sneakers, and a Swagger backpack. (He also appears to have a string of colored flags wrapped around his waist?) He told us that his favorite fashion brands are Swagger, Phenomenon, Roc Star, and Rockers NYC and that his favorite music includes The Prodigy, Paramore, punk, metal, hip hop, and R&B.

Phenomenon in Harajuku

Denim Jacket in Harajuku

Swagger Backpack

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  1. gotta love that ridiculously awesome scarf dude!!!

  2. Bunnymoon

    does he come with the bag and scarf? lol the bag is just so awesome i want one!

  3. cooll~ that isnt a scarf its his sweater strings theres just a bunch of them, if u look closely theres knots on the bottom and its coming out of his sweatshirt …..thats the coolest sweatshirt ive seennn

  4. wooopss..nvm. i forgot to read the description….>.<

  5. love everything about his outfit! looking forward to becoming more daring in fashion like these guys are! love the backpack! i want one! ^_^

  6. I didnt even look at his outfit…. i couldnt stop staring at his TOTALLY beautiful face…hes soo hot :) is his flag belt supposed to tell me where to park?? ;)

  7. supongo q no hay q esperar mucho para cruzarse con algĂșn japones/sa vestido de forma extravagante!