Swanky Designers in Hermes Scarf & Moccasins

Both of these cute Japanese girls are designers for the Swanky brand. The girl with the blonde bob on the left is wearing a Hermes scarf with a black top and black shorts from Barak. Her large black bag is also from Barak. Her amazing shoes are from Shibuya 109.

The auburn-haired girl on the right is wearing tops from Swanky and Barak with Swanky denim overalls. Her authentic suede beaded moccasin shoes are from Minnetonka. Her blue and white fabric bag is from Cher. She’s also wearing a small-brimmed straw hat, a popular accessory in Tokyo this season.

Both girls say Swanky is their favorite brand. Their favorite music genre is house band.
Hermes Scarf & Swanky Overalls

Blonde bob & Hermes scarf

Shibuya 109 shoes

Straw hat & Swanky overalls

Minnetonka beaded moccasin shoes.

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  1. I like how both of them look – nothing extreme and these overalls are fabulous!

  2. Great pic! Oh my GOODNESS! After coming back to Tokyo, I realize why you did a post on the boater hats..Ridiculously EVERYWHERE in Harajuku!!! Haha. AMAZING! Strangely somehow I think the trend won’t even hit the states in the same way…

  3. i love that blond bob, so perfect!! and the hermes scarf is FANTASTIC, i love it worn that way so you can see all the detail and it becomes an amazing top in itself. never thought to wear a scarf that way. plus planes=adorable and unique.