Swimmer Sailor Tops & 6%DokiDoki Accessories

These two students have created cute looks with black sailor-style outfits from Swimmer. The girl on the left is Tamoe. Her accessories (some from 6%DokiDoki) include a variety of small pins and a pocket watch on a leather thong. She bought her black backpack at a Takeshita Dori shop.

Tamoe has created a unique look with long striped socks under red fishnet stockings. Her black loafers are her high school uniform shoes. She’s also wearing a black leather military cap.

The girl on the right is Tanaka. She’s wearing black striped stockings with cute black flats. She has two handbags from Nile Perch and Village Vanguard. One is a purple leather cross body purse with a puppy dog appliqué. The other is a black leather suitcase-style bag. Her accessories (also from 6%DokiDoki) include a plastic star in her hair.

Both Tamoe and Tanka have decorated their hair with yarn fibers and large artificial roses. They’re also both carrying bags from Harajuku’s LeForet Grand Bazar.

Tamoe’s favorite shops are Gadget Grow, Swimmer and Atelier Pierrot. Both girls like the music of Plastic Tree. Tanaka also likes 9 Goats Blackout.
Swimmer sailor tops & striped stockings

Swimmer sailor top & 6%DokiDoki accessories

Leather cap, rose & yarn

Cap, rose, yarn & pins

Black backpack from Takeshita Dori shop

Safety pins & buttons

Long striped socks & fishnet stockings

Rose & yarn hair decoration

Star, rose & yarn hair decoration

Purple leather bag with puppy applique

Black leather bag

Striped black sockings & leather flats

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  1. I can remember when I used to dress very much like this…those were the days : )

  2. I like the hat and those quart-jester-like stockings!! been looking for a pair of those for aages..but can’t find any! :(

  3. Tanaka’s purple purse is so cute! I want it. I will have to check it out at those shops.

  4. Both are very Interesting and outstanding.
    Good look…

  5. It’s all in the details…very spontaneous. Like having been too close to a plastic bomb exploding.

  6. shoopuffed

    i agree with HanaeFayette ^^,

    i also like how they added on to a basic black outfit
    major kudos to them for all of the colorful – but simplestic – accessorizing!!

  7. I keep thinking every time I see these two they like “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”
    Which makes their cool rating just go higher.