Takuya Angel Kimono-Inspired Street Fashion in Harajuku

It’s not uncommon to see amazing fashion in Harajuku, but when these two walked along the street just about every head turned in their direction. Their outfits – both of which feature original pieces by underground/cybergoth Japanese designer Takuya Angel – mix elements of traditional Japanese dress with modern/futuristic touches to create something totally original, and very “Harajuku”.

On the left is Kimaira, wearing a stunning orange outfit designed by Takuya Angel along with shoes by Yohji Yamamoto. Kimaira’s accessories include a hat with insane glasses attached, a spiked backpack by Craig Morrison, earrings, Vivienne Westwood rings, several necklaces, feather eyelashes, and an astounding number of charms.

On the right is Syrup, who is a model. Syrup’s outfit consists of a kimono-inspired top by Takuya Angel, a tulle skirt from Body Line, purple fuzzy legwarmers by Takuya Angel, and a red and black handbag, also by Takuya Angel. Accessories include a handmade bell necklace, an amazingly colorful headpiece (looks like Takuya Angel’s design, but not confirmed), feather eyelashes, and a second bag – this one featuring artwork from the Hana no Ko Lunlun manga.

Both Kimaira and Syrup told us that their favorite designer is Takuya Angel (of course). If you’re interested in more info on Syrup, she has a Japanese-language blog here. Takuya Angel also has an online store here.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. I’m sorry but I don’t think this is fashion. It’s more Dare to wear. I do like the kimono top however.

  2. The one on the RIGHT looks PRETTY HOT…in a WEIRD, PSYCHOTIC, serial KILLER—kind of way…

  3. I do love Japan trends, I wish more people would just be original are break out of the box and wear what they feel like rather than have people tell them what to wear x

  4. Oh my goodness! I never thought I’d ever see people wearing Takuya Angel ever again! Yay :3 I’m so happy there are still those out there who wear this style, I’ve always loved it :3 shame it phased out so much in the last decade.

  5. i really like the kimono-top and the girlĀ“s skirt
    it looks just great!

  6. I love Takuya Angel Fashion. I have a few friends who wear it as well and I talk to fellow angelers in the states.
    glad Takuya still has his angelers in Japan :3

  7. Wow it’s so nice to see people being so creative with how they dress!


    It’s ah-dorable!

  8. Definatly one of the best creative outfits i’ve seen in a looong while! We nee more ppl like them! :D

  9. OMG this is too awesome!
    I can’t describe it!
    I love/want all!

  10. Love both these outfits, especially syrup’s – it’s a great play with proportions. The effort that went into these is admirable, with the makeup and everything!

  11. Freaking amazing. I’ve never seen this style before and now I feel like I will never be as remotely creative! So colorful and unique!!

  12. xD i love it, so origional and unique ^^ wish i could carry something like that off!

  13. NekoSheila

    This is something I would love to see in real life. I adore the posture collar and the kitty bell collar.

  14. I LOVE their style! And I LOVE Takuya Angel! I’m definitely going to buy some Takuya Angel stuff when I go to Japan!