Tank Over Shirt, Sarueru Pants, Studded Clutch & Dr. Martens in Harajuku

Meet Sho, an 18-year-old student we street snapped in Harajuku.

Shois wearing a black shirt with an H&M tank top over it and sarueru (drop crotch) pants from Daybreak. His lace-up boots are Dr. Martens, and his studded clutch is from WEGO. Sho is also wearing a bowler hat, round sunglasses, a chain necklace and cross earring, which he got from H&M.

Sho told us that his favorite shops are both in Harajuku – Monomania and Christian Dada.

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  1. Totally hot and nice style :) I don’t know how I feel about the texture of those pants though…they’re throwing me off…but everything else is pretty cool