Tarock Harajuku x Haight & Ashbury

Egami is a 16-year old student who’s put together a stylish outfit from used and resale clothing stores. His white shirt and jacket and long fringed shawl are from Tarock and his black pants are
from Tokyo’s Haight & Ashbury.

Egami’s accessories include a leather bag with a map of Australia, a gold ring and a gold Chanel logo pin. His eye-catching neckpiece made from large knotted tassels is from Tarock. His leather platform shoes are from George Cox.

We asked Egami about some of his preferences. He said his favorite shop is Tarock Harajuku and he likes the music of the Radwimps.
Clothing from Tarock Harajuku, Haight & Ashbury

Tarock jacket & knotted tassel neckpiece

Leather Austrailian bag

Gold link ring

George Cox platform shoes

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  1. that kid is freaking adorable. 16?? so illegal ;___; the tassel thing is SO COOL! also he has nice nails.

  2. That pretty face of his feels like the exact opposite of what he’s wearing.

    Nevertheless, I love it! ♥

  3. O my god. This is so cool! I wish I could pull it off.

  4. Wow isn’t he ah-dorable! ^ O ^

    I love his style and he picked great colors to go with his outfit…

    He looks so innocent TT3TT

  5. I really like his outfit. I feel like everything goes together well. Plus he’s super adorable. Dang jailbait!

  6. not only do i love his clothes but he is adorible… and he likes the radwimps!!!!

  7. dondondon

    Hgggngnbhnmnfdjkngs, I can’t handle his good looks and beautful outfit omggggg.

  8. D’aweeee Hi is so cute ; U ; He looks like a prince!! Like from Merupuri Prince aram!! Hahah He’s so stylish * O *

  9. He is too cute><!!!
    From his style i like a bag it looks like a vintage!