Tavuchi SPANK! & Her Tavuchi Necklace in Harajuku

There are certain people who can cheer you up just by existing. Tavuchi – the head of Koenji’s iconic 1980s-inspired shop and fashion brand SPANK! – is one of those people. She’s always cute, always smiley, and just way too friendly, fun, and down-to-earth for someone who is so famous with Japanese fashion fans all around the world!

When we ran into Tavuchi in Harajuku on Sunday, she was looking as sweet as ever – but her outfit was kicked up to the Next Level of cuteness by a necklace featuring a caricature of her very own face on it. Only photos, certainly not words, can make it clear just how awesome it is to see Tavuchi wearing a Tavuchi necklace. Her super cute caricature necklace was designed by the artist known as Lactose Intoler-Art – a regular commenter on this website and other street fashion-related sites as well. You can check out his Etsy store or Big Cartel Shop to see other similarly fun accessories.

Most of the rest of her cute outfit – including her oversized gingham shirt, layered lace top, pink bag, and panda backpack – was put together from resale items that she picked up at SPANK! and other Tokyo shops. Tavuchi is also wearing vintage Nike sneakers with adorable lace socks that match her lace shorts, pink glasses, and a large pink hairbow. The pins on her shirt are mostly 1970s and 1980s era, including classics from REO Speedwagon, The B-52s, The Police, Billy Squier, “I Love Santa Cruz”, and the always-fashionable Oklahoma Department of Wildlife.

Tavuchi told us that a couple of her favorite brands/designers are Monascas Banana and Lactose Intoler-art. As far as music, she likes to listen to Toxic Lipstick and Rauberhohle. The next time you’re in Tokyo, make sure you stop by SPANK! and say “Hello!” to Tavuchi in person!

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. this outfit is absolutely adorable!!!! <3 definitely a 10 on my scale

  2. Thank you guys so much for posting, the pictures turned out great! I really miss Tabuchi-san!

    To anyone reading, feel free to check out my blog as well. I’m hoping to introduce some more necklaces very soon.

  3. Glasses bow and necklace are dope, hairs a bit much outfit
    not too sure :P

  4. tokyo

    No problem, Lactose Intoler-Art, added the new link in the article. :-)

  5. Thanks guys. And I love Tavuchi-san’s new hair. She added a lot more green since I last saw her! She’s so down to earth and humble, isn’t she?

  6. Oh I love this in every way! =D she looks amazing! <3

  7. Oh my goodness—finished with blue sneakers!! Love it. :) She is in a whole different world!!!

  8. I love this so much!!! <3 cute panda <3 I love her necklace and hair :P

  9. she’s so cute, and I love her outfit soo much <33

  10. Everything about Tavuchi is amazing <3 Loving the wicked hair, the oversized gingham shirt and the necklace! Lactose Intoler-Art – YOU ARE BRILL :D

  11. Oh man, those Book It pins…I totally remember that (I guess I am dating myself, but I don’t care!) I really like this outfit, the oversize gingham jacket looks so trendy^^/

  12. What a lovely look, very cute! Her hair is rather cool! :)

  13. awn. she’s prlly the most cute girl ive ever seen! :3 no one else wants to hug her to death? x33

  14. Madonna Lily

    The best of the lately Tokyofashion pics

  15. Love her hair.
    And I totally have the same “BOOK IT!” pin. Got it for reading the most books in 1st grade. :)