Thank-You Mart & Grimoire Vintage Fashion

Yossu is 23 and has a job in sales. She’s wearing an outfit from Thank-You Mart that includes a flowered skirt, pink crochet coverup, blue cardigan sweater and lace collar. Her velvet patchwork shoes are from Grimoire.

Her accessories from Mad Tea Party and The Virgin Mary vintage stores include a red velvet hairband, blue hair clip printed with flowers and bunnies and a handmade bag hanging from her waist. Her tapestry purse with the image of three kittens is from Bunkaya Zakkaten.

Yossu’s favorite Tokyo shops are Grimoire, Mad Tea Party and The Virgin Mary. She also told us her favorite band is Chatmonchy.
Thank-You Mart & Grimoire Vintage Fashion

Crochet coverup & lace collar

Velvet headband & hair clip

Handmade lace & fabric bag

Vintage cat tapestry bag & plastic toys

Polkadot socks & patchwork slippers

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  1. I think if you look at the outfit as a whole then the shoes don’t look to bad ^ ^

    I wish she smiled! (= A =)

  2. I love the shoes, just not with this particular outfit

  3. She looks like a BAG LADY living on the streets

  4. I agree with startist she really looks like an old bag lady not cute sorry;(