The Virgin Mary Patchwork Jacket & Pompoms

Here’s another cute Japanese girl who’s a fan of The Virgin Mary and Grimoire. Her jacket, which is made from a vintage patchwork quilt, is from The Virgin Mary. She bought her tiered chiffon skirt at a flea market.

She’s wearing her pink platform shoes from Tokyo Bopper with white tights and socks with pink bows and lace cuffs. Her accessories include a purple knit scarf and yarn pompoms in her hair. She’s carrying a bag from Keisuke Kanda.
The Virgin Mary Patchwork Jacket & Pompoms

Blonde pigtails with pompoms

Bangs & red lipstick

Bag from Keisuke Kanda

Pink Tokyo Bopper platform shoes

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  1. Wow shes sooo cute! Love her makee up and her outfit! She looks so comfortable ^____________^ ! And the bows on her socks/stockings are ah-ddorable! Nicely coordinated!

  2. WOW I love her shoes! And I want her bag! Such a cute style! Love it! >_<

  3. i liek her bag and her shoes !
    but the jacket looks not very good to the skirt and the shoes :/

  4. She’s got a cute style and her make up looks great.

  5. If I ever imagined a living doll, she would be it. Being one who likes patterns and dots, the puffy jacket makes her choice in attire look comfortable. The pig-tails are cute and work well with the rest of the look. I love it and wonder what else she would wear come summer.

  6. Oh my gosh, “The Virgin Mary” girls are always so cute. I love the quilting details, the lacey socks, everything. Its a great and original trend in Tokyo. Would love to see different versions of this hit globally.

  7. This girl is so very pretty! She has a great look and her make-up is indeed very nicely and beautiful done.