Three Japanese Girls With Cool Hair & Makeup

These three fashionable Japanese girls were photographed on Cat Street in Harajuku. They all have cool hair, fashion, and makeup – and they were making fun expressions while posing for our photos. The girl on the left is wearing a leather jacket, layered tops, denim short shorts, black leggings, fur trimmed boots, and a scarf. The girl in the middle is wearing a leather jacket, white top, sequined shorts, and black heels. She is also carrying a leopard print bag. The girl on the right – the one with red coloring in her hair – is wearing a black blazer with a skull on it, a yellow checkered dress with a huge bow on the front, patterned stockings, and heels with leather, bows, studs, and yarn on them. She is also wearing a studded / spiked choker necklace.

Cool Japanese Girls

Japanese Hair in Harajuku

Japanese Girls With Cool Makeup

Click any of the pictures to see these girls in higher resolution.

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  1. jesika lin

    love the yellow dress!!! her ghost-stare is creepy though.

  2. love the yellow dress. the middle girl is sooo pretty! (why do they pout so much?)

  3. Love the middle girl’s haircut and color.
    [Look at the last photo, the way that guy on the left looks at them just creeps me out lol ~]

  4. love the 3 girls outfits, and all the 3 girls are so beautiful and so cute.