Tokyo Fashion Featured on Flipboard iPad App

For all of the readers with Apple iPads, we’ve got great news for you! The fine folks behind the super popular iPad app Flipboard (over 2.5 million free downloads) have decided that Tokyo Fashion is worthy of being a featured feed in their Local category. Our local area is Harajuku – so we’re doubly happy. Not only is Tokyo Fashion content being highlighted, but our favorite Tokyo neighborhood is also prominently featured in one of the iPad’s most popular apps.

Tokyo Fashion on Flipboard for iPad

This is the first official appearance of in an iPad App, so definitely check out the Flipboard iPad app if you’re an iPad user!

If you’re using an iPhone or Android device, also be sure to check out our own free official apps. You can download the free Tokyo Fashion iPhone app here or the free Tokyo Fashion Android App here.

If you have any suggestions about the Tokyo Fashion mobile apps, please let us know on our Tokyo Fashion App page!

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