Tokyo Girl’s Vivienne Westwood Street Style + F.E.A.R. Zipper Bracelet

Here’s Nanao, a stylish 17-year-old Japanese student who we photographed in Harajuku.

Nanao is wearing a black Vivienne Westwood top featuring the Rococo painting “The Rape of Europa” by Francois Boucher, black shorts, a black cardigan, and well-worn Vivienne Westwood rocking horse shoes. Her accessories – some of which she purchased at Nadia Harajuku – include a leopard print hair band, a heart necklace, several Vivienne Westwood rings, a zipper-bracelet by the Japanese indie brand F.E.A.R., and multiple studded bracelets. Her cute backpack with a devil tail is from Hysteric Mini (Hysteric Glamour’s kids brand).

Nanao told us that her favorite fashion brands are Vivienne Westwood and Marni. Her favorite bands include Zazen Boyz and Tommy Heavenly.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. She must be rich (or her parents haha) or the vivienne westwood shoes/rings/tshirt are cheap in japan cause everything in vivienne westwood is expensive as hell ;'(

    Btw, Im in love with that bag<3!

  2. This is hawt!!!I need to know where i can obtain this outfit!0.0