Tokyo Girls in Dazzlin & Comme des Garcons w/ Rocking Horse Shoes & Cowl

Reina and MamiU are two stylish friends we saw in Harajuku. They’re both students and we loved how their looks were complementing each other.

Reina is the one with darker hair, and she’s 16. She is wearing a Bershka dress with a Dazzlin double breasted coat, knitted cowl and comfortable boots. Her bag is from ANAP, and she’s wearing various rings that match her cute nail art. You can find Reina on Twitter.

MamiU is 18 and she has blond hair. She’s wearing a colorful dress from Chicago, with a long cardigan and a Comme des Garcons jacket. Her purse is Vance, and she’s also wearing a large hat, white tights and rocking horse shoes. She told us that her favorite bands are Sakanaction and Omarion, and she also gave us her Twitter handle.

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