Tokyo Girls Street Styles w/ Blue Twin Tails, Two-Tone Hair, 6%DOKIDOKI Kawaii Furry Jacket, Killstar Spooky Tunes Bomber Jacket, Algonquins, Vivienne Westwood, Meimmeim, Katie, Brindle, Glavil, Morph8ne & Demonia Boots

One evening, we came across Remon and Emiry, two Japanese streetwear style personalities we often see around the Harajuku streets.

At the left is Emiry, the 6%DOKIDOKI staffer sporting a blue twin wavy tails hairstyle. She is dressed in a pink kawaii print motorcycle jacket with furry collar and sleeves from 6%DokiDoki. She styled her jacket with a sheer blue cropped collared blouse from Algonquins, which she wore on top of a black Katie dress. The dress features a lace-up corset detail and ruffled lace skirt details. Blue Vivienne Westwood thigh high socks and pink-and-blue iridescent platform boots from Demonia completed her outfit. Emiry topped off her look with accessories such as a blue ruffled organza headdress with bows, a heart print face mask, a handful of brooches pinned to her jacket collar, a Vivienne Westwood orb pendant necklace, a couple of rings including a blue armor ring. Some of her accessories are from Fancy Soda. Emiry lists 6%DokiDoki, Spiny Cream and Rurumul and she loves the music of South Korean boy band, Block B. For more of Emiry’s style, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, Remon – a 19-year-old student – stepped out in an all black outfit with red accents. She styled her half-color hair into twin tails with black satin bows and wore a Killstar Spooky Tunes bomber jacket, a button down shirt from Meimmeim and a resale tiered ruffle skirt with a front-zip detail. Remon wrapped a black grommet belt around her waist and donned thigh-high lace-up leather boots from Demonia. She embellished her style with accessories such as a black face mask, a spiked leather o-ring choker, silver chain pendant necklaces layered with an oversized red cross necklace, a silver ring and a couple of armor rings. Most of Remon’s accessories are sourced from Brindle, Glavil, Morph8ne and Vivienne Westwood. In addition, she is carrying a black patent leather Killstar clasp purse sling bag, featuring a monochrome print with bows and ruffle trims. Killstar is Remon’s favorite brand and she likes listening to Arashi, Sheena Ringo and Chanmina. Remon is also active on Twitter and Instagram, follow her!

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