Stylish Tokyo Couple in Hats w/ Kris Van Assche, Tellsit & Juun.J

Hiromi and Aran are a stylish Japanese couple who we often see around central Tokyo. Aran works as a chef and Hiromi is a hair stylist.

Hiromi is wearing a Tellsit jacket over an H&M graphic-print top, leather shorts, black stockings, and Tokyo Bopper platforms. Accessories include a felt hat, a necklace, bracelet, and chain purse. Hiromi’s favorite shop is Sister in Shibuya and she enjoys the music of The Beatles. Find her on Twitter or Instagram.

Aran is wearing a cool two-tone coat from Kris Van Assche with Juun.J pants and Kiroic boots. Accessories – some of which came from Juun.J – include a wide rim hat, a Mawi statement necklace, a geometric bracelet, a golf finger tip ring, and a neon orange Juun.J clutch. Aran also told us that his favorite brand is Juun.J. You can find him on Twitter or Instagram for more info!

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  1. It is nice to see these 2 stylish youngsters again :) They, two, are always great !!

  2. the both are looking great !
    and i like the chain from the man:-P

  3. Always glad to see them together. Looking so polished, as usual ~