Black & Pink Tokyo Street Style w/ Pink Hair, Lace Headpiece, Metamorphose Temps De Fille, Handmade Ruffle Pants, Teddy Bear & Swankiss Flower Platform

Easily catching our attention on the streets of Harajuku is Asotama with her pink ringlets and black ensemble.

The 19-year-old fashion college student stepped out in a black blazer with silver lapel studs, worn over a black Metamorphose Temps De Fille button down ruffle shirt. She donned handmade black high-waisted pants, which features a wide leather waist band, tiered hem ruffles with purple trims. Black lace ruffle socks and statement-making white Swankiss Oxford shoes with tassels and flowers encased in clear platforms completed her ensemble. Asotama styled her hair with a black lace headpiece and embellished her style with accessories such as a layered pearl choker, a heart-shaped makeup necklace and two filigree knuckle rings. In addition, Asotama is carrying a black furry chain sling bag with an oversized teddy bear keychain.

Asotama loves to shop at Japanese Lolita clothing boutique, Metamorphose Temps De Fille, and she loves the music of Japanese visual kei band, Dog in the PWO (Parallel World Orchestra). Follow Asotama on Twitter and Instagram.

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