Red Tokyo Street Styles w/ Twin Buns, Knit Hat, Houndstooth Belted Dress, Floral Prints, Handmade Fashion, Pink House & Bed JW Ford

Meet Momoko and Yuno, two teens whose eye-catching red-themed streetwear ensembles easily made them stand out at the Bunka Fashion College student festival.

At the left is 18-year-old Momoko, who is clad in a resale houndstooth print belted dress, which she paired with red tights from Pompom Shop. She stepped into a pair of shiny black Bed J.W. Ford x Converse sneakers and embellished her style with accessories such as a pink knit hat, neon pink earrings, a cute ladybug brooch and multiple bracelets – some of which are from Sometime Store. In addition, she is carrying a Made in Africa batik print sling bag. Momoko enjoys listening to Fall Out Boy, Melanie Martinez, Twenty One Pilots, Charli XCX and 60’s psychedelic music. Check out Momoko’s style feed on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Yuno – sporting twin buns – stepped out in a Pink House layered ensemble, which consists of a white lace blouse, a red-and-green floral print blouse layered with another red floral print blouse with ruffle trims. The 18-year-old student paired her layered tops with layered skirts consisting of a white floral print skirt with eyelet lace trims, a cherry red floral print tiered ruffle skirt, and a red patchwork print button down skirt. Tan leather lace-up leather wingtip boots – also from Pink House – and a handmade white handbag with a heart-caged bunny plushie and tassels completed her eclectic style. Hair ties for her twin buns and multiple cocktail rings are the finishing touches to her look. Koenji and Pink House are Yuno’s fashion favorites, and she loves the music of Melanie Martinez. Yuno is also active on Instagram.

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